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Explosive Amounts of Fun

Fire Art Garden is an explosively fun puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch where players race to slide panels along the playing field to connect the lit fuses to multiple fireworks cannons without letting the fuses go out! The rules are simple, but the game is addictive. Our newest update includes “Hanabi” mode, where you can create your own fireworks show and show them off wherever you are!

Fire Art Garden News
  • Feb 10,2009 Major Update!
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iPhone, iPod touch

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  • Addictive/Fun a must have app! (US iTunes Review)
  • The design of the game is great and the challenge is high… (US iTunes Review)

How to play
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The goal of the game is to, without letting the lit fuses go out, rearrange the fuse tiles and light the fireworks cannon. Simply slide the panel you want to move in the direction you want to move it. It’s so simple, but solving the puzzle will be much more difficult. To guide the lit fuse, you have to arrange the panels to create a path to connect the fuse to the cannon, but you also have to move the panel with the lit fuse to complete the puzzle.

As you progress through the stages, panels without a fuse will appear. You must remove these tiles from the fuse path. Also, panels with rocks will appear. These panels not only lack fuses, but they cannot be moved. Now you need a path that carries the lit fuses and moves around the immovable rock tiles.

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A variety of tiles that appear on the Fire Art Garden screen:

  • Normal FuseNormal Fuse Panel – burns at normal speed.
  • Red FuseRed Fuse Panel – burns at a faster speed.
  • Blue FuseBlue Fuse Panel – burns at a slower speed.
  • CannonCannon – Lead the fuse to all cannons to clear.
  • BushBush Panel – No fuses but can be moved.
  • RepairingFuse is in repair and cannot be moved.
  • StoneStone Panel – No fuses and cannot be moved.

Fire Art Garden Icon Title : Fire Art Garden
Release : Feb 10
Device : iPhone/iPod Touch
Category : Games > Puzzle
Rating : 4
Price : US $1.99
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